Sechelt B.C & worldwide -  1 on 1 guidance

1:1 Mentoring is a personalized session where you are the only student. It’s catered to exactly what you want to learn and where you are at on your photography journey — all questions welcome.

Your personal cheerleader, that's me! Mentoring sessions are about creativity and learning from someone who genuinely wants to see you grow and create art that sets your soul on fire. I am here to answer any and all questions, and to set you and your business up for success. 

For photographers who are looking to grow their business and create images that evoke emotion and leave a lasting impact.


Guidance in attracting and booking clients who align with your style and core values. Support with your client experience from first contact to securing testimonials. 



Support with social media (instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook) to promote and enhance the reach of your small business. 



Guidance in your post processing, editing and delivery workflow. Including Lightroom tips and tricks to create cinematic, heartfelt imagery. 



Guidance in posing and prompts to help your clients feel comfortable and confident, how to shoot in a variety of lighting conditions, composition, camera settings and more!


Mentoring Topics

If you are looking to truly level up your skill and your business as a whole, then an ongoing mentorship is your best chance at success! With this collection, you and I will have scheduled monthly calls and biweekly text check-ins to monitor your goals, review your portfolio, and actively watch your business grow and thrive together.  If you live locally, these monthly sessions can also be in person and can include parallel shooting sessions! Let me be your hype girl!

*Annual Mentees receive 25% off all other sessions & resources

Level Up Collection

Online — Annual support $3500

Mentorship days are my favourite days! The experience collection is a 1:1 session that includes a customized styled shoot with a model, designed to help draw out your own creativity! You will learn how to develop a session flow to bring out the best in your client and leave with some incredible content for your own portfolio. You will have the opportunity to observe me shooting as well as capture your own unique images, with my guidance and support. We finish the day by capturing some images of YOU (these can be creative portraits, branding images, or boudoir). With this package, in addition to leaving with some incredible content of your own, you can embrace yourself and see what it is like to be on the other side of the camera. 

These sessions are full day, 5+ hours long. 

Experience Collection

In Person — $2500

With COVID-19, there has never been a better time to engage in online learning. These calls are 1 or 2 hours long and can cover any area of photography or business that you feel you need assistance with. My preferred topics are editing and social media! 

Ask me Anything

Online — $300

Discounted Rate — $250

*Online 'Ask Me Anything' calls can be added to In Person Mentoring Sessions, in order to  assist with editing following the session.

I have sessions to fit your schedule and how best you learn. I am always happy to meet you and create together, but gladly offer video calls as well!

Book your session

I booked a mentorship with Kelly last fall, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my photography business. Kelly was great to talk to and very informative before the day of our mentorship and she was even better in person. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind. She explained her process from start to finish and gave lots of time for my questions and feedback for my work. I’ve felt very inspired since our mentorship and I have so much more confidence behind the lens. The sessions I booked after our mentorship are some of the best photos I’ve ever taken! I cannot wait to book more sessions and continue to grow from the experience with working with Kelly! She is an amazing photographer and mentor. So glad to have her in my corner!

Kelly is amazing! We’ve never met in person (but have via FaceTime) but she’s been quite a big help to me over the past few months. I’ve been fine-tuning my editing skills and she’s been a great sounding board for my questions and for providing feedback. As I’ve gone through my shoots building my portfolio Kelly has been there every bit of the way. From critique to praise - Kelly does it all! If you’re looking to step up your game hire her as your mentor. You won’t regret it!

Kelly is something special, and this photography mentorship with her has been so rewarding. I really look forward to our sessions - whether online or in-person, Kelly has the heart of a true teacher and I’m just thrilled to hear her insight and learn from the best. This has really been an education in how to treat photography like a business. I’m so grateful for this experience and the confidence gained because of her.

I approached Kelly on Instagram a while back to seek help as an aspiring photographer. I had been following her work for a while and absolutely loved it. I wanted to learn from her so I messaged her to see if she would mentor me. Kelly graciously accepted me and it was the best experience I’ve had in a really long time. 
Kelly was a dream to learn from and work alongside. She explained her process from start to finish, she was patient and professional. 
From the beginning of our talking, she asked me for input on the shoot that we were going to do and she took my suggestions and brought them to life. Kelly hired a model and a makeup artist and scouted the location for us as well. Everything was planned and thought out; down to the small details. 
I learned so much from Kelly and am so inspired since we worked together. She has a way of bringing creativity out in the best possible way. 
She was comfortable to talk to and provided on the spot feedback. 
I really just can’t say enough about this mentorship. It was the best investment I’ve made in myself in a long time and it was worth it to stand alongside a truly inspiring, creative, and kind soul. Anyone looking for a mentorship with great value, this would be where you’d want to go.

When I first approached Kelly for a mentorship I was not only excited but nervous. I was in the midst of putting together an inspiration board as well as goals I wanted to achieve with my business. And it just so happened to be one of her images I put on my inspiration board, and shortly afterward realizing she had a mentorship not only brought me happiness but reinvigorated the need to learn more about photography. I was greeted with open arms, I felt like I was able to get answers fast and efficiently, her gentle criticism helped me shape my goals when I go on to a session, and I find that her overall personality made it easy and less intimidating for somebody asking for help. I highly recommend mentoring with Kelly, not only will she raise your confidence, help you understand your business/photography but she'll give you a new start you didn't know you needed!
10 out of 10 would recommend!